Complete tasks and solve puzzles in your location. Observe your city, improve your logical, historical, deductible, social and other skills. Be aware of the city you are living in.

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Invite your friends, find new ones, create teams and complete objectives together! Compete with other clans or collaborate to finish complex quests.

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Receive rating and in-game currency for completing quests, purchase new ones or exchange your virtual money on real discounts and prizes!

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Move from different leagues, become a gold member and get the opportunity to create your own quests and sell them to make money!

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Turn your daily activities into tremendous entertainment. Continuous movement during quests will make you healthier, more fit and stronger. You will not even notice how you become better.

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Receive tourism quests whenever you launch Severenity in a new city. Simple tasks like drinking coffee, visiting monument, ancient street etc. will make you proud to have a new place in your achievements.

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What challenges can you will face?

We are happy to create a big spectrum of things you can perform while playing Severenity.

Also we do care about your passion and the things you do outside the game.

No matter what you do and where you are - you can complete your quests!

  • Simple - pass the distance, meet with a friend or reach level 3 (or whatever). And you can do it in background. Just simple as it is.
  • Exploration - use all your skills and knowledge to find the answer. The answer may be the special code, street or even building in your city!
  • Augmented - imagine that somewhere in the city or even country there is a Mona Lisa picture divided into pieces. Or there is hidden portal to another world. Collect pieces using augmented reality or open the portal with your camera and continue your quest!
  • Tourism - you are visiting New York. Where to go? What to do? We will propose a unforgettable tour with easy tasks and puzzles to get you acquainted with the city you came to!
  • Custom - reach golden league rating, receive completely free access to the quests creation panel and receive money selling your quests!


Easy Authentication

Use any of your favorite social network to authenticate. No passwords and emails.

Multiple Devices

Application is available on both iOS and Android. And you can play it on both with the same account.

Augmented Reality

We introduce the new way you experience augmented reality in your phone. Feel the future in your city.

Simple Design

Self-explanatory user interface highly focused on your experience will make you relaxed during the play.




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